Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

Today's groovy word is...
I've read a number of news articles recently talking about various Cannabis sanctuaries and their "spiritual" use.  I notice they often write about "spiritual" use, in quotes, like saying "spiritual is what they're calling it" or "under the guise of spirituality" or some such disagreeable implication.
Is Cannabis or Cannabis use spiritual?
I was discussing Cannabis with a prohibitionist one day and explained briefly my primary personal interest in it.  She replied:



How in the world can anyone even

suggest that smoking Marijuana is somehow... spiritual?"

When she said spiritual, she used her fingers to put the word in quotes.
Spiritual is an English word.  Let's start with the dictionary:
"Holy Spirit" and "Holy Ghost" both literally mean Sacred Breath (incense).
  • Old Testament Hebrew qodesh ruach: sacred breath.
  • New Testament Greek hagios pnuema: sacred breath.
Jesus instructed all who are weary and heavy laden to take his yoke (Hemp; Cannabis; Marijuana) upon ourselves and thus find rest in our breath. (Matthew 11:29)
Smoking Cannabis is a breathing activity which is exactly and preceisely what "Spiritual" means.

Prayer is established from beforetime: incense;
the uplifting power of the evening sacrifice.
(Psalm 141:2)

And it is the timelessly ordained prayer of Jah People.
Smoking Cannabis is the express spiritual (breathing) activity of Jah People, as it has always been.  It supports the calm, peaceful, meditative state of mind called seach in Old Testament Hebrew.
This is not merely thinking about something.  My bible search finds seach only once in the entire bible.  This expression for communion describes the specific means by which JAH's thought is communicated directly to Jah People:

He that formed the mountains
created the Breath
which declares unto man
JAH's thought (seach)
making us by the light otherwise obscured
to tread the high places (be high) on Earth:
JAH, god of the hosts' character.
(Amos 4:13)

This host even today is called Ganjah (Host of JAH); the host, i.e., the ordained communion sacrament of JAH People.
Be spiritual:  Love one another.