Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

Today's groovy word is Drug.
I am called by JAH to help liberate Cannabis.  Babylon calls Cannabis - JAH's spiritually-Healing Hand - a drug (implying evil).  
Drug - What does this word really mean?
I decided to look up "drug" in my bible today.  King James.  Search... nothing.  So I included the original languages...  Found.  It is the Greek word Pharmakeia, meaning pharmacy (drugs) or pharmacist.  So the bible does address drugs.
This word for "drug(s)" is found in only 3 verses and is translated "Sorceries" and "Witchcraft".  Revelation 18:23 clarifies context: Pharmakeia (pharmacy) is the sorceries (drugs) of the global merchants who actually rule the world via commerce.  Via their drugs (sorceries), biblical prophesy articulates they lead the whole world astray.
If pharmacy/pharmaceuticals is "drugs", then what is Herb?
What we have in our modern world is confusion of language, which is the very meaning of Babylon:
Babylon (confusion) redefines words and expressions to mean what they do not mean, thus confusing the people who lose memory of original meaning.
Does "drug" mean something different than it used to mean?  If you use a modern definition lacking etymology (original meaning), it sure does.
Etymology of "drug":
JAH "drugs" (dry wares) are spices; herbs.  That means food.  Oregano, lettuce, cannabis, cilantro, pepper, plantain, mint... nutrition supporting Life.  These grow naturally out of the Earth according to divine order.
Babylon "drugs" are modern alternatives to original, historic dry wares.  They are pharmacy/pharmaceuticals; biblical sorcery.  These modern alternatives are literally brewed up in large cauldrons full of strange, esoteric ingredients:
Modern Sorcery (Pharmakeia) Cauldrons
I remember a little crippled girl attending bible-based church services.  Nerve disorder.  Couldn't walk, speak, eat or even properly wiggle a finger.  She had the best medical care available.  The priests who rejected Herb prayed for her regularly, passionately, unsuccessfully, and then kindly sent her back to the sorcerers, offering to pray for their success instead.  Every freakin time, week after week...  Personally witnessed.
Other equally crippled children touched by JAH's dry wares (Cannabis) get up, giggle, hug mommy and daddy, eat a solid meal and go outside to play.  Their very lives are restored from epilepsy, Dravet syndrome, cancer and myriad other diseases.  They don't need Babylon sorcery because demons flee at the touch of JAH's Hand.
The Babylonian (contemporary world order) conflict before us is Modern Sorcery vs. Dry Wares (spices) from JAH's Garden (Earth).  Ask any modern individual for a health opinion and they will likely send you to a priest.  (S)He will most likely prescribe you either drugs or dry wares, and this identifies which priestly order they belong to.
Genesis 1:29 - Jah People Version
And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to use and eat. [JPV]
And Babylon said
"Say no to drugs"
falsly prohibited The Garden's most effective dry wares (herbs and spices)
and imposed a profitable synthetic alternative called pharmacy
Ecclesiasticus 38:4 - New Jerusalem Bible
The Lord has brought forth medicinal herbs from the ground, and no one sensible will despise them.
Source: http://www.catholic.org/bible/book.php?id=28&bible_chapter=38
John 8:32 - Jah People Version
And you will resolve the truth, and the truth will exempt and liberate you. [JPV]
Knowledge makes me happy.  Because of it I am no longer an addicted to multiple sorceries.  As my elder brother promised, knowledge has made me Babylon-drug-free.
Love one another