• When you think of cannabis

    How have you been conditioned to think of cannabis people? This is what they actually look like. Runtime: 4 minutes
  • What If Cannabis Cured Cancer

    The Cannabis research doctors explain in simple terms which even a child can understand what cannabis does to cancer and a variety of other diseases within the human body. Both pro and con perspectives are presented. Myths are dispelled. Truth is clarified. WATCH and SHARE this video! Runtime: 48 minutes * SpiritLeaf's #1 recommended medicine-oriented cannabis documentary. www.lenrichmondfilms.com
  • Run From The Cure

    A man discovers that Hemp cures all sorts of diseases including cancer within his community. He contacts various authorities. He tells the world. This documentary reports what happened to recipients of The Cure... and to the man who healed them with it. Runtime: 58 minutes   phoenixtears.ca
  • LEAF

  • Cured Too: A Cancer Story

  • Cured: A Cannabis Story

  • The Truth About Hemp

  • Shona Banda - Live Free or Die

  • FBI director gets schooled

  • Reefer Madness (1937)

  • Hemp for Victory (1942)

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