Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

The Thing

The Thing is you.

The Thing is I.

The Thing is... Whatever we make it, wrapped in tie-dye.

So bring your thing to The Thing... The Thing at The Groove (a.k.a the bio-magnetic groove-center of the Universe)

The Thing is:

  • A family gathering (human)
  • All-inclusive.  One Love.  Do you breathe?  Welcome.
  • Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.



January 9, 2019

Tonight we will briefly discuss what The Thing is and what we want it to be for 2019.  A Thing is... a thing where you and all your buds can gather, connect, share, celebrate and jam twice a month... what does that actually look like to you?  What should happen here?  What do you want to do together?  Hang out and jam?  100% Groovy.  Got some other smokin ideas?  Bring them to the circle tonight.

8:30pm The Potluck Munchie Thing 

  • Bring a dish, snack or treat to share.
  • Organic, vegan and gluten free options are encouraged.
  • Fruit, nuts and chips are always a hit.
  • Whatever you like to share with family and friends, that's perfect.

9:00pm The Thing

Gathering/circle - Meditation, release, connection, music, The Groovy Word *, community announcements... 

* The Groovy Word is a chosen word or phrase for the evening such as "420" or "Bong", for example, along with a brief nug or two of knowledge on how it relates to timeless Cannabis Spirituality.  No beliefs required.

FEATURED ARTIST:  TBA / Who's got a guitar?  (* Artists:  see Featured Artist Spot below)

Music Jam - Bring your drums, shakers guitars and/or any other portable instruments. If you spin, flow or waddaya know,  bring your stuff!

After 10pm  Groovy jam & hang until we're all hung out.  Campfire outside when weather cooperates.

Bring your own water bottle, full.

Got a gallon of fresh spring water to share at the table? 

Featured Artists

Soloists, Duos, Trios, Comedians, Spoken Word artists, StoryTellers, Poets...

What's your thing?  Want to be the featured artist for an evening?  Puff... puff... contact Leaf.

Volunteers:  Got a knack for finding and scheduling artists?  The position is open.    Puff... puff... contact Leaf.

Love one another. See ya at The Thing.

Event Properties

Event Date 01-09-2019 8:30 pm
Event End Date 01-10-2019 2:00 am
Twisted Groove
4503 S 34th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA
Twisted Groove

Venue Information - Twisted Groove

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