A:  "conviction of the truth of a proposition or alleged fact without knowledge"

B:  "sometimes used to include the absolute conviction or certainty which accompanies knowledge"

So... belief may or may not be based upon knowledge.  It may be based upon other things such as popular opinion, propaganda, a random thought or the whim of the day.  It might be based upon something the school nurse said when you were five years old, or something that opinionated lady at church said, or something taught by an old Dragnet episode, or perhaps something President Nixon, President Reagan or any other alleged authority said without knowledge.  Many beliefs are based upon hearsay... gossip...  nonsense.


Beliefs in practice:


Man1: "Cancer sucks.  I'm scared."
Rasta: "Cannabis heals."
Man1: "I don't believe in your damn hippie drug crap.  You just want to get high.  I have a highly educated doctor.  Go away."

Man1 receives chemo and radiation.  He becomes sick beyond description with endlless nausea...  loses hair...  wants to die...  ultimately does.


Man2: "Cancer sucks.  I'm scared."
 "Cannabis heals."
 "Thank you for telling me."

Man2's doctor: Wha???  Where did the cancer go???  What did you do???  How is this possible???

Man2: Tells stories to his grandchildren to help them life long, natural, healthy lives.


Beliefs are powerful.  Consider this one:


Isaiah 53:1-3 - Jah People Version
Believe our report: the power of Jah is revealed: [JPV]
Be high before Jah with Jah's tender plant (Cannabis, Exodus 34:14) which takes root in dry earth.  His form is magnificent; it is a beautiful sight to take delight in. [JPV]
It is despised and rejected by men of false knowledge.  They experience sickness because they avoid, despise and plot against it. [JPV]


Love one another.