Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

Welcome to my first blog post. This is an experiment. Join InI. Let's get irie and see what happens.

What's this about? Well, I'm not quite sure yet. I share a lots if things on social media and thought perhaps I ought to share them here first. A blog seems like the way to do it. Puff puff pass... the blog is born.

So this is a place to share inspired thoughts, random ideas, recent news, funny memes, great videos, occasional poems and whatever InI feel like sharing at the moment that doesn't belong in a regular article. Whatever ends up here I hope you enjoy it and benefit from it.

I was inspired with mad poetry skills this evening which has brought me thus far to this point-------->.

Moving forward, here is my poem:

Thanks and praises! Headache gone!
I want to play a beautiful song.
And you know what would be quite nice?
A steamy hot pot of perfect white rice.

(with hemp seed oil, toasted sesame seed oil and tamari)

There ya have it. Tonight's mad poetry.


I named this blog Bong Rips in honor of my friend Deanna Jean Ryther who is facing oppression for posessing timeless religious sacrament. I recently got a new electronic lighter and she asked me if it does bong rips. I told her it will light anything that burns and named the blog after her question. She is accused of having something shes not allowed to have. Can you believe that? Utter nonsense. Divine Ordinance declares who shall posess and consume Cannabis:

Psalm 69:35-36 - Jah People Version
Jah's salvation for Zion will repair the cities judah inhabits.  Our inheritance [JPV]
is the seed of his servants: the ordained inheritance of all who love Jah's appellation (Cannabis) is to reside permanently in it's rest. [JPV]
Revelation 22:17 - Jah People Version
And the breath (Cannabis) and those who are inspired by it say, come. And to all who wish to hear, you're invited, come. And all who are thirsty, come. And whosoever wishes, take with Jah's hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14) the water of life freely. [JPV]

Whosoever wishes. No qualifications. Just take the gift. This includes Deanna Jean Ryther. Jah bless, my friend.

Minnesota Marijuana


InI was a guest on the Minnesota Marijuana's potcast a few weeks ago. The panel was diverse and interesting. And the discussion, well, tune in and listen for yourself. Thank you Michael and friends. I hope to join you again.

Ras David Daniels

We attended A Minnesota Farewell with Ras David Daniels. Thank you Ras David for your friendship, for roots stories and for encouraging bredren and sistren to always give thanks and praises. Bless up and visit soon.

Jah Ras Tafar I.

Ryan Liestman and SpiritLeaf, 3/5/2017


Ryan Liestman entertained us at 318 in Excelsior, MN last night. Great music, great venu, great hummus. "High On Love" was an audience favorite and I particularly enjoyed "Redemption Song". I had a real nice conversation about Essential RastafarI with someone who liked my shirt. Thanks Ryan and 318 for a very nice evening.

That's all for now.

Love one another,

~ SpiritLeaf