Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

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Isaiah chapter 40

Bible Version
Breathe deeply my people, says Jah. [JPV]
Teach hearts to be founded upon peace.  Call all who are filled with iniquity to pardon by receiving Jah's hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14) for their multitude of sins. [JPV]
Sound the proclamation of Jah's pasture: respect the way of Jah and cause the desert to prosper with the staircase (high-way; Cannabis) of Jah by [JPV]
which the lowly are made high; the proud are humbled; the deceitful are made upright; mountains are leveled. [JPV]
The copiousness of Jah is revealed so that all people may see and unite via the mouth with Jah's communion (Cannabis). [JPV]
Jah's voice says to proclaim, and says to pronounce: herb (Cannabis) for man's flesh is kindness, piety, reproof and beauty.  It is the flower of Jah's field. [JPV]
Grass withers and flowers wilt but the breath of Jah (Cannabis) blows true: it is Jah people's herb. [JPV]
Grass withers and flowers wilt but this decree of Jah is established forever. [JPV]
Zion's messenger (Cannabis) make us as high as the highest mountain. Jerusalem is refreshed and made high and our voices are filled with vigor. Be high and unafraid. Boast in the cities and celebrate: [JPV]
jah comes with his strong hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14); his force by which to rule and reward all workers of shewbread [JPV]
who feed the flock as shepherds gather lambs: they use Jah's outstretched arm (Cannabis) to lift them (make high) to his bosom's (inclose; take within) sustaining milk and [JPV]
measure out his semen (instruction) through the extension of his hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14) which ponders the heavens and expands comprehension as the dust of the earth (immeasurably): the highest measure which measures both mountains and hills in it's scales. [JPV]
Ponder the Breath of Jah (Cannabis), mankind's teacher of knowledge [JPV]
which resolves with intelligence by teaching the path of justice, and teaching knowledge and showing the way of understanding. [JPV]
The nations as a drop in a bucket are made to account by the powder of balance (Cannabis incense) which makes the isles high with ease. [JPV] 
All of the Frankincense in Lebanon is not sufficient to kindle, nor is the flesh of animals sufficient for burnt offering. [JPV]
Bring malicious heathen plots to an end for they are vanity. [JPV]
Consider Jah's form (Cannabis) which puts things in proper order. [JPV]
The craftsman casts an idol refined and overlayed with gold and fused with silver chains. [JPV]
He is damaged (in mind) and thus has no sacrament (Cannabis) to offer so he selects a tree which will rot and finds skillful craftsman to erect his idols by which he will fall. [JPV]
Don't you know?  Haven't you heard?  Has this not been explained to you since the beginning?  Have you not understood the foundation of the Earth? [JPV]
It is established: encompass the whole earth; inhabit it as locusts spread across the sky as a curtain spread out, for our dwelling place is established. [JPV]
Submit to rulers and judges on Earth nothing. [JPV]
Plant the seed (Cannabis) which is to be sown who's stump takes root in the Earth in order to blow fresh Breath and bring the tempest to shame, lifting it away as dry straw. [JPV]
Think and consider only in balance (Hebrew shavah; Hindi/Sanskrit Shiva: deep Cannabis meditation) as appointed by Jah. [JPV]
Elevate your sight and be high to receive instruction from the creator who calls out the family by number: who proclaims the character of abundance and power and strength of force (Cannabis) to InI in order to restore the vinyard (Earth) to proper order. [JPV]
Jacob declares teach israel my way; adhere to Jah who's ordinance does away with magistrates. [JPV]
Know this: consider intelligently the everlasting god, Jah, creator of the ends of the earth never tires of enumerating wisdom and understanding. [JPV]
He gives vigor to the faint; power to increase one's strength [JPV]
for youthfulness fades as the young decay and become weak. [JPV]
Gather together in Jah (with Cannabis, Isaiah 30:33; Isaiah 66:14) to renew your strength; be high as the wings of eagles and you will run, work and walk without tiring. [JPV]