Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

How do jah people offer a wave offering?  What is a wave offering?  Does jah need to be waved at?

What bible translators have rendered as "wave offering" in the old testament is the Hebrew word:

H8573 תְּנוּפָה tnuwphah (ten-oo-faw') n-f.
1. a brandishing (in threat)
2. (by implication) tumult
3. specifically, the official undulation of sacrificial offerings
from H5130 נוּף nuwph (noof) v.
1. to quiver (i.e. vibrate up and down, or rock to and fro)
2. used in a great variety of applications (including sprinkling, beckoning, rubbing, bastinadoing, sawing, waving, etc.)
[a primitive root]
KJV: lift up, move, offer, perfume, send, shake, sift, strike, wave. 
Brandishing is what wave offering means.  To brandish is to wave a weapon in the air and create a tummult.  It is to publically display one's power.

Examples of brandishing:

Jah people are to brandish our... weapon???
Yes, but our weapon is unlike anything depicted above.  Jah people are to brandish jah's hand.

jah people brandishing:

The following images are examples of jah people brandishing the hand (power) of jah.  Jah people's brandishing is specifically, the official undulation of the sacrificial offering ordained by jah:
Contemporary terms for jah people's brandishing include:
gathering, rally, 420 time, pray/prayer, bless up; circle, get irie, share communion; burn one down, burn a fatty; bake; blaze; celebrate; puff; share a puff; smoke; toke...
and many other celebratory expressions for breathing and communally sharing the sacred breath of cannabis.

The Lion Spirit is the Breath of Cannabis
Raising the flag of RastafarI is symbolic brandishing of jah's hand
Exodus 29:24-25 - Jah People Version
It is ordained (Isaiah 30:33): the hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14) of Aaron; the hand of sons is the explicit brandishing of Jah. [JPV]
Take the hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14) to smoke upon the altar (mouth) in order to ascend (become high) via it's restful, sweet odor timelessly ordained by Jah; the burnt-offering of Jah. [JPV]
Isaiah 18:3 - Jah People Version
Settle Babylon and inhabit the earth.  see; be high; raise the flagstaff (standard: Cannabis) and promote it; make noise; blow the trumpet; be heard. [JPV]

Wave Offering:

Brandishing the hand of jah


How, again, is imediately clarified in the very next verse:
Isaiah 18:4 - Jah People Version
Like this, Jah said: be still and meditate in your basis (breath) with clear heat upon the herb (Cannabis) which is enveloped in tricomes when it is ready for harvest. [JPV]
But when?  When can or should we do this?  When will it finally be legal???
Numbers 18:11 - Jah People Version
The oblation (Cannabis) is given: the brandishing of the sons of israel given to all sons and daughters is ordained forever.  Jah's house (human body) is purified by consuming it. [JPV]
Jah people brandish jah's hand when jah says so: forever (past, present and future).
Jah people brandish jah's hand (perform a wave offering: share a joint or pipe (chalice)) whevever and wherever jah urges us to.
Jah people do not act illegally and never have.  Jah people perform wave offerings as ordained.
Love one another.  Don't forget to wave.