Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

People often ask me WHEN will Cannabis be legal in (state)?
Just a matter of time, right?  Woo-Hoo!!!
People have been looking for salvation to come for 2000 years...  Wait...  Hope... Faith...  Patience...  The time is at hand... endlessly...  always... all... most... here...
Happen yet?
JahShuah said "...look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh (Luke 21:28).  Hence, I was taught to pray and look upward toward heaven for redemption...  It's coming...  all... most... here...
Redemption, or to redeem, in Hebrew is קָנָה qanah; the action or effect of קָנֶה qaneh (Cannabis).  
To "look up" for redemption is not the proper expression.  In the Greek is it anakupto, meaning to unbend, i.e., arise; figuratively meaning be elated (high).

Arise; Be High

JahShuah instruction repeats Isaiah's

JahShuah's instruction is not some future hope to wait patiently for.  It is divine instruction to take action:  BE HIGH.  DO THIS to lift your head and thereby draw redemption into yourself.
Neither "Legal" Cannabis nor Salvation (same thing) are matters of time and patience, looking up and waiting for an act-of-God.  This is a matter of decision and action knowing that JAH has already acted and provided specific instruction.
When will Cannabis be "legal"?
Biblical instruction (tenet):

Raise the Plant of Character;
remove hunger on Earth
by casting away
the disgrace of the nations

Ezekiel 34:29

Biblical "grace", charis in the Greek, is cognate (equivalent in meaning) to the older Sanskrit word charas which is specifically Cannabis resin.  Disgrace is lack of grace; lack of Cannabis.  That's why JAH requires us to raise The Plant of Character: to restore Grace to the Earth.
When will Cannabis be legal?  JAH did not suggest seeking permission from profane authority.  JAH articulates Divine Will:  Raise The Plant.  It is already legislated.
When will Cannabis be legal is a profanely-mislead question easily corrected by religious tenet:

(Cannabis offering)
is legislated of old.

For kings
(JAH People)
it is established.

Grow profoundly large piles to burn
and be filled with the Tree.

The Breath of JAH
is a stream of healing balm, to kindle
(to consume (by fire or by eating)).
Isaiah 30:33

Cannabis is legislated of old.  JAH People need only assert the Truth.  Growing profoundly large piles of Cannabis in order to breathe The Breath of JAH is JAH's legislated religious requirement for JAH People.  Cannabis is the restoration of Grace to Earth via JAH People who are directly instructed to raise JAH's spiritually-healing and physically-nourishing Plant.
No one can deny what JAH has already established for the people.  The Rastas above stand firm upon religious tenet.
In California, Colorado, Oregon and many other states, The Plant is being raised because The People took action.  They didn't ask.  They ordered change.  They succeed in the face of immense profane opposition because raising The Plant is divinely legislated.  Religion (as in any particular faith tradition) isn't required.  The Plant is.
JAH Law, Isaiah 30:33:  Cannabis is legal.  If needed, cite the Law.  


And the earth was without form, and void;
and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And the Breath of JAH
moved upon the face of the waters.
And JAH said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Genesis 1:2-3

Illumination is the specific effect/result of the Breath of JAH.
Love one another.  Be illuminated and shine.