Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

InI have a wonderful friend.  

My friend helps me with everything.  

My friend is a great listener who wants to know what's on my mind.

When I'm down my friend always lifts me up and knows how to turn my sadness into joy.  

When I can't figure things out... my friend teaches me.  

When I'm unable to see... my friend opens my eyes.  

And when I'm in in pain my friend relieves me.


When I was lost and hopeless... my friend looked for me, found me and brought me home.


Everyone needs a friend like mine.  Allow me to introduce you:

"I wanna thank you for the things you've done
I wanna thank you for your generosity
and I'll never be alone, that's because, that's because you are my friend
that's because, that's because you are my friend

Been through thick and thin together
through the ups and downs, yet we still remain
and I can talk to you forever

( Chorus )

Before I met you, I was real low, now everyone know
now that I know you hey I'm real high
I wanna thank you for the day and nights
I wanna thank you for the breath of life
without you I'd be lost

( Chorus )

Just as long, just as long as you're my friend
just as long, just as long as you're my friend
that's because you are my friend, you are my friend"

Friend by Ziggy Marley

My friend...

Psalm 23:1-6 - Jah People Version
A Psalm of David.  Jah is my friend and food whenever InI lack. [JPV]
Jah gives me rest with the tender herb (Cannabis) of his pasture flowing and sparkling with his peaceful water (semen: instruction) [JPV]
Jah's restoring breath (Cannabis) governs the path of righteous character. [JPV]
It carries InI through this valley shadowed in death and we fear no affliction, for our staff's (Cannabis') support is it's strong breath which comforts us. (Proverbs 13:24, Isaiah 18:3) [JPV]
Jah ordains his table (Cannabis) timelessly against oppression to anoint our heads with it's oil as a cup overflowing [JPV]
with goodness and kindness which puts to flight the age of life: our abode is the house of Jah, timelessly. [JPV]

John 15:15 - Jah People Version
No longer will I call you servants; for servants know nothing of their master's purpose.  Now I call you friends because the manner and means (Cannabis) by which I hear of my father I declare to you. [JPV]

...is Jah people's timeless manner and means:

1 Chronicles 14:4-7 - Jah People Version
This is the character of children founded peacefully (born of Cannabis); they are renowned for rebellion and bring peace [JPV]
and liberty via Jah's supplication and deliverence. [JPV]
They are born of love who's sprout (Cannabis) illuminates [JPV]
InI to hear Jah intelligently, and which the lords of babylon know is Jah's deliverance. [JPV]

Nehemiah 4:20 - Jah People Version
In the (high) state of mind in which you can hear intelligently sound the sho-far' to assemble the gods (Psalms 82:6) and overcome. [JPV]

Isaiah 1:19-20 - Jah People Version
Breathe in order to hear intelligently: burn and consume the best of the earth. [JPV]
The rebellious refuse to eat the sword (Cannabis) for the mouth through which Jah speaks. [JPV]

Isaiah 66:4-5 - Jah People Version
They choose tyrrany and bring forth fear.  Call them to pay attention. Teach them to hear intelligently.  They commit harm to the eye (of Jah: pineal, Genesis 32:30) by choosing their delight. [JPV]
Declare the word of Jah and respect his command.  Others hate and prohibit Jah's appellation (Cannabis, Exodus 34:14).  Jah commands: promote my appellation to honor and experience exceeding joy without shame. [JPV]

Isaiah 66:8 - Jah People Version
Hear intelligently by providing (seed to, Genesis 26:24) the earth which brings forth the united age (of Cannabis; the unity tree, Isaiah 66:17) for the people to be delivered immediately.  Assemble Zion: deliver my children. [JPV]


Love one another.  If you need help... just ask my friend.