Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

When InI was a child I was taught to ask Jesus into my heart because, if I did this, I would receive life.

When I was 3 years old I knelt at my bedside and folded my hands, by myself, and asked Jesus to come into my heart.

Children are impressionable... teachable. I was serious. I loved Jesus, my family, furry kitties and playing outside. Life was that simple and my understanding was that simple.


When I became an adult (in my mid-40's) I started to ask serious questions and study the scriptures for myself in Hebrew and Greek. I learned how to ask "Jesus" (Jah's-urging; life) into my heart.


My beloved shared a beautiful poem with me today. It is by Rumi. It explains exactly how I received life.

To place you in my heart may turn you into thought

I will not do that.

To hold you with my eyes may turn you into thorn.

I will not do that.

I will set you on my breath, so you will become my life.

~ Rumi

That's what I did, and it changed me. I became a minister... Ras... teacher of Essential RastafarI.

Exodus 6:4-5 - Jah People Version
Decree my established covenant: occupy the earth as Canaan (fill it with Cannabis).  The earth is your permanent residence from which you have been estranged. [JPV]
Instruct the groaning children of Israel whom the Egyptians (Babylon system) keep in bond-service (employed) to burn the incense of my covenant (Cannabis). [JPV]
Revelation 2:6-7 - Jah People Version
Indeed, possess it (Cannabis), for the persecuting acts (Prohibition) of Nicolaitans (heretics) against me are hatred. [JPV]
Listen and understand what the breath (Cannabis) says to the called out: it is for your victory that I (Jah) give the palm of my hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14): eat of the tree of life (Cannabis) which is in the midst of the paradise of Jah (Earth). [JPV]
Revelation 22:16-17 - Jah People Version
I Jah-Shuah send my messengers bearing witness unto you of these things regarding those who are called out. I am the root and offspring David and the bright and morning star. [JPV]
And the breath (Cannabis) and those who are inspired by it say, come. And to all who wish to hear, you're invited, come. And all who are thirsty, come. And whosoever wishes, take with Jah's hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14) the water of life freely. [JPV]

When I finally overstood I left my childish understanding behind, set Jah on my breath... and became alive through Jah's way of life:

Psalm 50:22-23 - Jah People Version
Attend with diligence and do not forget JAH's food which defends: [JPV]
Offer praise (sacrifice the extended Hand: Herb) and promote it to honor.  Preserve this way of life; discern the salvation of JAH. [JPV]
Job 16:17-18 - Jah People Version
There is no violence or wrong in the hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14) who's intercession (prayer) is pure. [JPV]
When the whole earth is covered by it's blood (life-essense) there will be no more place for crying. [JPV]

I finally found the source of life I had always been seeking. It comes to InI whenever I set Jah...

On My Breath