Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

Senator Sessions,

I am a teacher of Essential RastafarI: the original uncorrupted religion of Jah, Father of JahShuah (Jesus) preserved in the original languages of the Holy Bible.

Your comments and position respecting Cannabis as reported by politico.com are offensive to the people of Jah (God) to whom cannabis belongs:

Isaiah 40:7 - Jah People Version
Grass withers and flowers wilt but the breath of Jah (Cannabis) blows true: it is Jah people's herb. [JPV]

Your comments are offensive to all natural men and our natural right to jah's royal copiousness:

Isaiah 62:2 - Jah People Version
The heathen (profane order) shall respect natural right; Jah's royal copiousness calls forth his new name via the mouth with Jah's appellation (Cannabis, Psalm 111:9) [JPV]

You are not commenting on a profane, governmental matter. You are speaking against holy sacrament and prayer:

Joel 2:27-28 - Jah People Version
Discern the central feature of Israel. In Jah's might the people are never ashamed. [JPV]
They see that when I pour out my breath (Cannabis, Isaiah 30:33) upon all flesh sons and daughters prophesy; the elderly recover and dream; youth see visions. [JPV]
Psalm 80:4 - Jah People Version
Jah, god of the host (Cannabis) who's smoke is the prayer of the people. [JPV]
Revelation 5:8 - Jah People Version
And when I had taken the book the four beasts (throne-bearers) and the 420 (gematria value of the hebrew word for smoke) elders lit on in the presence the Lamb having every one of them harps and golden vials (cencers) full of aroma (Cannabis smoke) which is sacred prayer. [JPV]

I share this with you because when you speak without knowledge you are harming both yourself and America:

Isaiah 42:3 - Jah People Version
Oppression of Cannabis is destruction. Smoking of hemp is not to be extinguished. Bring forth what is lawfully established (Cannabis, Isaiah 30:33): [JPV]
Mark 3:28-30 - Jah People Version
Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme:
But he who villifies (speaks irreverently against) the effect of the sacred breath (Cannabis) will never have forgiveness and is liable to perpetual judgement. [JPV]
This concerns those who say it holds an impure (evil; dangerous; demonic) spirit. [JPV]

I don't expect you to believe these truths. I only expect you to uphold the Constitution which prohibits laws against establishments of religion:

Isaiah 30:33 - Jah People Version
Tophet (kindling Cannabis incense) is timelessly ordained (legislated) for kings.  It is established.  Grow profoundly large piles to burn and be filled with the tree.  The breath of Jah is a stream of healing balm, to kindle (to consume (by fire or by eating)). [JPV]

Cannabis is appointed to mankind, animals and even jah's enemies:

Job 16:21 - Jah People Version
Reason together valiant men of Jah as appointed to mankind (via Cannabis) for it makes us brothers. [JPV]
Isaiah 66:6-7 - Jah People Version
Proclaim it with uproar in the city.  Proclaim it in the temple.  Proclaim Jah's restoration wich reforms even his enemies. [JPV]
Bring my appellation (Cannabis) forth and bear children: my rope of love (Cannabis, Hosea 11:4) rescues mankind. [JPV]

The peaceful way of Jah is appointed to all:

Jeremiah 27:5 - Jah People Version
Appointed on Earth to both man and beast is my presence on Earth. The great power of my outstretched arm (Cannabis, Hosea 11:3) is given. My countenance straightens, pleases and prospers all. [JPV]

Rest assured this knowledge is correct:

Isaiah 40:13 - Jah People Version
Ponder the Breath of Jah (Cannabis), mankind's teacher of knowledge [JPV]
Proverbs 20:27 - Jah People Version
A puff of vital breath (Cannabis, Isaiah 30:33) for man is the light of Jah which searches our innermost thoughts from within. [Proverbs 20:27, JPV]
Amos 4:13 - Jah People Version
He that formed the mountains created the Breath (Cannabis) which declares unto man Jah's thought, making us by the light otherwise obscured to tread the high places (be high) on Earth.  Jah, god of the hosts' character. [JPV]

For America I pray:

Psalm 80:3-4 - Jah People Version
Turn us back, Jah, before your face that we may shine and be saved. [JPV]
Jah, god of the host (Cannabis) who's smoke is the prayer of the people. [JPV]

If this biblical knowledge seems confusing, disturbing or painful to your preconceived thoughts about sacred Cannabis, I offer the psalmist's prayer for your consideration:

Psalm 69:29 - Jah People Version
I am needy and in pain, salvation (Cannabis) of Jah, make me high. [JPV]

I wish you double grace to help you in your new role.

Respecting Jah, god of the host (cannabis), who's smoke is the prayer of the people. [Psalm 80:4, JPV]

I am,

Ras SpiritLeaf

SpiritLeaf Ministries