Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

InI am, of course, referring to the essential clothing of jah people.

Perhaps you're wearing a nice Rasta T-shirt, tie dye, blue jeans, a beautiful dress or a designer suit. You may choose any or all of these for different purposes. You might be wearing a winter parka...

But are you dressed yet?

Jahshuah (Jesus) wore a garment called a Simlah in Hebrew. Its material definition is found in the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia under Frock. Even his outer clothing speaks of jah's essential ordinance:

Isaiah 51:16 - Jah People Version
I put my words in your mouth by filling you up and clothing you with the protection of my Hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14); the Plant of Heaven; the foundation of Earth; the appointed permanent government of Jah people. [JPV]

Tell your friends about Jah people's clothing:

Nehemiah 4:20-23 - Jah People Version
In the (high) state of mind in which you can hear intelligently sound the sho-far' to assemble the gods (Psalms 82:6) and overcome. [JPV]
Perform this ministry of balance.  As a mighty spear, ascend (get high) when the morning star appears. [JPV]
At this time say to Jah people: every man and child are to remain permanently within Jah's foundation of peace (Cannabis: Isaiah 51:16, 66:20).  In adversity it is our protection, and is our required ministry for ever more. [JPV]
Neither kindred, nor servants, nor men of the guard which followed; none of us took off our clothing (Cannabis: Revelation 4:4-5, Isaiah 9:5-6): mankind's weapon for cleansing. [JPV]

Jahshuah (Jesus) did because he wants everyone to get dressed:

Revelation 3:18 - Jah People Version
I counsel you to be redeemed of my gold (illumination: Cannabis) kindled with fire in order to become wealthy and clothed in white clothing (light).  Become fully invested (in Cannabis' light) and the disgrace of your nakedness (lack of light) will no longer appear.  Therefore anoint your eye with my anointing (Cannabis) in order to see. [JPV]

Because it is ordained for jah people to be properly dressed:

Isaiah 61:3 - Jah People Version
Ordained for all who lament Zion, giving them ashes for beauty (cosmetic) and oil of joy (essence/extract) for lamentation; the garment of praise is smoke-filled breath which proclaims the tree (Cannabis) of right (natural, moral or legal).  It is the plant which embellishes Jah (clearly illuminates Jah within).  [JPV]

Whether you choose to sport a 3-piece or your birthday version... suit yourself. Be comfortable, warm and happy.


But don't forget your spiritual clothing. Are you dressed yet?


Love one another.