Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

InI am concerned for my fellow man at Standing Rock.

Crude invaders threaten sacred land and sacred water, thus life itself:

Revelation 21:8 - Jah People Version
But the fearful and untrusting and disgusting and murderous and those who prostitute themselves; even sorcerers and idolaters and complete liars have their share in the lake which burns with fire and sulfur which is and results in death. [JPV]

Why defend the sacred?

Because this is what happens when pipelines carrying the lake which burns with fire and sulfur are run under rivers:

What will empower the people to stand?

Jah's Standing Rock:

Exodus 33:21 - Jah People Version
Jah commands: make your stand upon my established rock (Cannabis). [JPV]

Mankind's weapon for cleansing, peacefully:

Nehemiah 4:20-23 - Jah People Version
In the (high) state of mind in which you can hear intelligently sound the sho-far' to assemble the gods (Psalms 82:6) and overcome. [JPV]
Perform this ministry of balance.  As a mighty spear, ascend (get high) when the morning star appears. [JPV]
At this time say to Jah people: every man and child are to remain permanently within Jah's foundation of peace (Cannabis: Isaiah 51:16, 66:20).  In adversity it is our protection, and is our required ministry for ever more. [JPV]
Neither kindred, nor servants, nor men of the guard which followed; none of us took off our clothing (Cannabis: Revelation 4:4-5, Isaiah 9:5-6): mankind's weapon for cleansing. [JPV]

Be victorious:

Revelation 2:7 - Jah People Version
Listen and understand what the breath (Cannabis) says to the called out: it is for your victory that I (Jah) give the palm of my hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14): eat of the tree of life (Cannabis) which is in the midst of the paradise of Jah (Earth). [JPV]

Love one another. Stand on The Rock to smudge the land clean of crude invaders.