Puff puff pass... is the custom. If you're sharing a bong rather than a joint or pipe, a puff is called a rip.


Welcome to Bong Rips
Number two
Here are three verses
Just for you.



Isaiah 40:13 - Jah People Version
Ponder the Breath of Jah (cannabis), mankind's teacher of knowledge [JPV]


Isaiah 11:2 - Jah People Version
The breath of jah (cannabis, Isaiah 30:33) is our confederation (unity; One Love). It is the breath of wisdom and understanding, the breath of counsel and force; the breath of knowledge and fear of jah. [JPV]


Isaiah 53:2-3 - Jah People Version
Be high before jah with jah's tender plant (cannabis) which takes root in dry earth.  His form is magnificent; it is a beautiful sight to take delight in. [JPV]
It is despised and rejected by men of false knowledge.  They experience sickness because they avoid, despise and plot against it. [JPV]